King Palm - Inflatable Blunt Roll - 3ft & 6ftJustSmoke.Me
King Palm - Inflatable Blunt Roll - 3ft & 6ftJustSmoke.Me
King Palm - Inflatable Blunt Roll - 3ft & 6ftJustSmoke.Me
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King Palm - Inflatable Blunt Roll - 3ft & 6ft


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Use our Inflatable Roll to show your love for our famous slow-burning blunt rolls. Enjoy a 3’ or 6’ version to keep the fun going.



  • Decorate your home, office, or smoke shop
  • Inflate and use in the pool as a float
  • Enjoy the realistic blunt roll design
  • Spark-up fun conversations and laughs


About King Palm Wraps

King Palm Was Founded in 2016 in Sunny California, USA.

The King Palm company relies largely on the benefits of the flowering Cordia leaves from the remarkable Cordia tree. As part of the borage family, you can find this one-of-a-kind tree in small pockets around the world, but King Palm has focused all of their growing into farms across the Southeast of Asia. This is one of the few places across the globe where these unique plants can truly flourish and can ensure their operations are always running at the highest standards possible. King Palm guarantees that no trees are cut down during production, and the leaves they do utilize grow back quickly and in abundance ready for you to smoke the next all natural batch.

Partnership with UK distributors started in 2022

With the United Kingdom being one of the largest consumers of cannabis products around the globe... It was only a matter of time before King Palm found themselves partnering up with the UK's largest King Palm distributors - Ltd

What Are King Palm Blunt Wraps & Leaf Rolls?

Answer - The King Palm Organic Pre-Rolled Blunt Wrap Leaf is a very popular alternative to rolling papers in the United Kingdom. Made from a freshly picked Cordia leaf, they contain zero tobacco, preservatives, artificial flavours, or glue. The result is a high-quality smoke that we are sure our customers will all love. Each King Palm pre-rolled leaf comes installed with a regular or flavoured corn-husk filter tip. Additionally, King Palm Leaf Rolls offer a convenient and natural way to roll your own smokes without the hassle of traditional rolling papers.

How Do I Use King Palm Blunt Wraps / Rolls?

Answer - Learn how to use a King Palm blunt wrap made from 100% natural Cordia leaf using our step-by-step guide here. With King Palm, the rolling process is simple and straightforward, ensuring you get a perfect smoke every time. Whether you're a seasoned smoker or new to rolling, King Palm products offer an enjoyable experience for all.

Are King Palm Wraps Similar To Juicy Jays?

Answer - No! Unlike Juicy Jays, which need eating to taste anything, King Palm products offer a unique smoking experience with intense, natural flavours. From fruity to creamy, King Palm wraps provide a delightful taste and aroma that can elevate your smoking session. Compared to Juicy Jays, King Palm wraps are known for their superior quality and flavour, making them a preferred choice among smokers worldwide.

Are King Palms Healthy

Answer - YES! & NO! While smoking anything, whether man-made or natural, may not be considered "healthy," King Palm products offer a safer alternative to traditional tobacco wraps. Made from natural Cordia leaves, King Palm wraps contain no harmful chemicals or additives, ensuring a cleaner smoking experience. However, it's essential to practice moderation and mindfulness when enjoying King Palm products to promote overall well-being.

My King Palm Blunt Wraps Are Too Big

Answer - Too Big! That's a first ;) Fear not, All King Palm leaf rolls can be trimmed down to size, Simply take a pair of scissors & snip the open end down. With King Palm, customization is key, allowing you to tailor your smoking experience to your preferences. Whether you prefer a larger or smaller smoke, King Palm wraps offer flexibility and convenience for every smoker.

Can I Use King Palm Filter Tips With Regular Rolling Papers?

Answer - Yes, of course! One of the advantages of King Palm flavoured filter tips is their compatibility with a variety of rolling materials. Whether you prefer traditional rolling papers, hemp cones, or blunt wraps, King Palm filter tips can enhance your smoking experience with added flavour and smoothness. Simply add your filter tip to your chosen rolling material and enjoy the perfect smoke every time.

Why Are King Palm Flavours So Strong & Intense?

Answer - King Palm flavours are renowned for their intensity and depth, offering a sensory experience like no other. Unlike other brands that offer weak and underwhelming flavours, King Palm has perfected the art of flavour infusion to deliver robust and satisfying tastes with every smoke. From classic favourites like banana cream to innovative blends, King Palm flavours are sure to tantalize your taste buds and elevate your smoking session. Try yours today and experience the difference!

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