How to Roll a Joint | Visual Step-by-Step Guide -

by Kieran Griffiths on March 17, 2024

Understanding how to roll a joint will allow for a good cannabis smoking experience, without any problems. Learn how to roll a joint by hand or with a roller machine. No matter what kind of cannabis smoker you are, knowing how to roll a joint is an essential skill. For those new to the hobby, rolling a joint isn’t just a handy skill. It’s almost a rite of passage for those in the cannabis space. 

Learning how to roll weed can be intimidating, so we made an easy guide with plenty of visual instructions. We’ll also go over how to roll weed by hand and how to roll with a simple joint roller. Today, we tackle the basics! 

Rolling Weed with a Joint Roller

joint rollers and papers

One of the easiest ways to roll a marijuana joint is with one of our King Palm rolling machines. Not only are they fast, but they can give you unbeatable consistency in your joints. 

You’ll need the same supplies as you would for hand-rolling, with the addition of your choice of rolling machine. We’ll also assume you’ve already ground your weed.


Open The Roller

The roller will open toward you, allowing you to put your weed in that comfy little hammock. You may have to nudge the bar slightly to allow it to open.


Add Your Filter Tip

add joint filter tip to roller

Drop in your filter tip at one end and ensure it’s against the roller’s frame. This will prevent the overhang of paper beyond the tip.

Add Your Cannabis

Now, even though you’re using a roller, keep the capacity of your papers in mind. Standard 78mm papers will often max out around 1g. Make sure all the weed is to the side of the filter.


Close The Roller

Once it’s filled, gently push the joint roller’s bar back to close it. Depending on the roller you use, there is likely a small notch that the bar will dip into to keep it in place. 


Roll & Wrap

Now, roll your thumbs downward, slowly, on the rolling machine bar. You should see the hammock tighten up and start to rotate. 

Before it rolls too much, you’ll set the bottom or unglued edge into the roller. Gently keep rolling, and you should see the roller automatically feed the paper and start wrapping. Continue rolling with firm pressure, but stop when the glue stripe edge gets closer.


Lick & Stick

With the glue edge just above the joint roller, lick the glue and firmly roll the machine another revolution to pull the edge in and seal it. It’s always a good idea to let the joint sit on the roller for a minute to ensure that the glue is set well. 


Pack It Down (Skip this step if you’re using a filter tip and light up)

how to roll a joint with rolling machine

After the glue has been set, open your rolling machine and take out your joint. You’re nearly ready to light up, you just need to pack it for an even burn. 

Use the end of a pen, pencil, or packing stick to gently pack down the open end of the joint. Take this opportunity to top it off with any remaining weed, then either fold or twist the end to close the joint and make it session-ready.


How to roll weed with filter tips 

Before rolling a joint by hand, you’ll need a few things. The ideal list of supplies would include the following:

The rolling tray and grinder are optional, of course, but not only do they each help make the process easier, but they both also contribute to a better result.


Grind Your Weed

The first thing you’ll need to do is break up your weed. Most people use a grinder since they can provide superfast and consistent grinds, but you can also break it up by hand, a process called hand-milling. 

In a pinch, you can drop your nug in a shot glass and chop it up with some scissors. You want a semi-fine grind, with no sign of any stem fragments.


Add A Filter Tip

Hold your rolling paper with the glue strip at the top, facing you. Use your thumb, forefinger, and middle finger to hold it in a trough or “U” shape and add your filter tip at one end.


Add Cannabis

Sprinkle your joint’s weed into the paper, avoiding getting any on or around the filter tip. While the exact amount you’ll need will vary with your paper choice and personal preference, if you’re just starting out, try 0.5g. Most standard papers can hold about 1g.


Roll & Shape

Now that your joint is full, use both hands to pinch the “U” closed and roll it back and forth in your fingers. What you’re doing here is not only evening out the joint, but also shaping it. Some folks like straight joints, and some like cones. It’s up to you.


Seal The Deal

Now that you’ve got it shaped, we need to flip it and lick it. Roll your thumbs back or downward until the unglued edge is near the weed, then carefully tuck the edge of the paper in and roll upward again. This is the “flip” that starts the final rolling process. 

Continue pushing your thumbs forward or upward, until you’ve rolled the joint up almost all the way. Give the glued edge a gentle lick, and give the joint one last push to finish the roll. 


Pack It Down

You made it! Here we just do some smokability and presentation steps. You can use a pen, pencil, or chopstick end to gently pack down the joint weed until it’s at an even, semi-firm consistency, and either fold the end over or twist it to close it up. 

Our Summary

Now you’ve had a chance to try rolling a joint by hand and with mechanical advantage. The only thing left to do is grab the nearest lighter, and spark it up!

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