King Palm | XXXL | Big Blunt Wrap Cone | For Smoking Dry Ground Herb

by Kieran Griffiths on March 20, 2024

Why Buy A XXXL Natural Leaf Blunt Cone?

King Palm revolutionizes your smoking experience with our Limited Edition XXXL Large Blunt Cone, capable of holding an impressive 10-12 grams of cannabis. Unlike typical large-size paper pre-rolled cones, our XXXL cone offers unparalleled durability and quality, thanks to its construction from natural Cordia leaves. These leaves are entirely free from tobacco and nicotine, ensuring a pure, unadulterated experience.


XXXL King Palm Leaf Cone
  • Super Slow Burning
  • Holds 10-12 Grams of Chunky Material
  • Easy to Pack
  • No Nicotine or Tobacco
  • No Strong Odours
  • Stronger Than Large Paper Pre Rolled Cones
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Natural Cordia Leaves for a Pure, Unmatched Smoking Experience
 What sets our XXXL cone apart is not just its size but its composition. The natural Cordia leaves we use are optimal for those who prefer a minimal taste profile, allowing the true flavor of your cannabis to shine through. Moreover, these cones are designed to burn exceptionally slowly, extending your smoking pleasure and making it ideal for larger gatherings or extended sessions.

Why choose king palm's flavoured filter tips?

King Palm's corn husk filter tips are not only eco-friendly and biodegradable but also offer unmatched durability and flavour enhancement, providing a superior smoking experience over alternative brands. Just as Ben & Jerrys created the strongest flavours of ice cream, King Palm have done the same with flavoured filter tips, Discovering your favourite flavours, is all part of the fun with king palm.

Durability and Consistency: The King Palm Advantage While other large pre-rolled cones often suffer from issues like uneven burning or fragility, the King Palm XXXL cone stands out with its robustness and consistency. We understand the nuances of packing such a substantial amount – hence, we recommend not grinding your cannabis too finely for this size. This attention to detail ensures a smooth, enjoyable experience without the common pitfalls of competitor products.

Limited Edition: Embrace the Exclusivity of King Palm’s Premium Cones Limited in availability, our XXXL Large Blunt Cone isn’t just a product; it’s a statement – a testament to our commitment to quality, natural ingredients, and an unmatched smoking experience. Embrace the King Palm difference and elevate your sessions with our premium, all-natural solution.

Hand-rolled & ready-to-pack convenience

Most of the work is already finished for consumers when they choose a majority of King Palm tobacco-free products. That’s because our all-natural organic cones are already hand-rolled with care and assembled individually with no additives or glues. All you have to do is pack-up ground cannabis into these large blunt cones with the bamboo packing stick provided!

What is the XXXL Large Blunt Cone made from?

Large blunt cones much like the majority of King Palm products are all-organic with no additives. Nicotine-rich tobacco leaves are what many manufacturers unfortunately choose to produce their products with, but not us! 

All-natural cordia palm leaf is sustainably harvested

King Palm tobacco-free pre-rolled cones utilize leaves that are sustainably harvested from the exotic cordia palm found in regenerative farms dotted across regions of Southeast Asia. This means there’s no harmful deforestation, and a priority is placed on maintaining the habitats of this unique plant for future generations. 

Cordia palm leaves burn slow & smooth

Besides their exotic habitats the cordia palm leaf found on the Limited Edition XXXL big blunt also burns slower and smoother than most other materials available to consumers. 

  • Combined with the large capacity of this huge blunt, the super-slow burning performance of the cordia leaf makes for sessions that last ridiculously long.
  • Cordia palm leaves features very subtle natural flavor that serves to complement and never overpower the natural terpenes and flavor of cannabis
  • Organic all the way–the cordia leaves we use are always 100% all-natural with no additives.

Corn Husk Filter, Boveda Pack, & Packing Stick 

Another important factor that separates KP products like this limited edition huge blunt from the competition is our innovation. Our company never stands pat on our success and continues to innovate and find ways to make all of our popular products like our big blunts even better.

Boveda pack humidity control

Each individual huge blunt tube also contains a Boveda humidity pack to maintain relative humidity (RH) levels conducive to optimal cordia palm freshness. Organic materials have needs too, that’s why we include an RH pack with each limited edition pre-rolled cone to ensure consumers get the best possible experience.

Corn husk filter

Enjoy your session knowing that simple filtration and smoothness is achieved courtesy of the organic corn husk filter we attach to our pre-rolls–even this huge blunt! Rogue weed and resin are kept at bay, while an already smooth experience is enhanced by filtration that also dials down overly hot smoke. 

Big blunts like this one also need a little more stability to be able to pass around often. The corn husk filter also provides vital stability to keep all of the excitement intact during your session. 

Bamboo packing stick

Since most of the work is already done for you when you choose a huge blunt like the Limited Edition XXXL or any of our other cone varieties–all that’s left for you to do is just pack it! That’s why we also provide a bamboo packing stick with our iconic logo embossed on it for you to do just that. 

Here are some tips for an optimal pack of a the Limited Edition XXXL:

  • Grind your cannabis to a more coarse consistency. Not too chunky, but also not too powdery either. 
  • Don’t pack a huge blunt too tight. It’s hard to pull the smoke out of a huge blunt that is just way too tight!
  • Pack-up the XXXL big blunt and use the packing stick to tamp cannabis down only a few times during the process. This will ensure it’s not too tight and burns right!

The King Palm Difference: Additive & Tobacco-Free

Today’s cannabis consumer is a more savvy-minded one–they know what’s good for them and make choices based on that. Blunts have been around for decades now, but have always contained harmful nicotine-containing tobacco leaf as their source material. 

Being the innovator that King Palm is, we decided to create an industry-first, tobacco-free version that epitomizes the future of cannabis consumption.

What makes organic cordia leaf better than tobacco leaf? 

Big blunts like these are made with cordia leaf, so they don’t contain any tobacco or nicotine. This leads to a significantly smoother smoking experience without the harshness found in tobacco. 

In addition, tobacco and nicotine are two substances that have well demonstrated their potential to lead to adverse health effects and disease among users, and are never found in any of our products, including this unique huge blunt. Our products also feature:

  • No tobacco
  • No nicotine
  • No additives/chemicals
  • No GMOs
  • No glues
  • No dyes
  • No artificial flavours

Grab a Limited Edition XXXL Large Blunt Cone and Experience the Difference

For anyone looking to literally get the entire party lit, it’s a no-brainer to go with the proven organic satisfaction and innovation of a huge blunt like the XXXL Large Blunt Cone.

A superior slow burn and organic satisfaction await

Keep your sessions going all day with the very satisfying slow-burn performance and smooth organic taste of the cordia leaf used for our tobacco-free XXXL big blunt. 

Meanwhile, awesome innovations like Boveda packs to guarantee freshness, corn husk filters for the ultimate in filtration and stability, and bamboo packing sticks for amazing ease-of-use and burn-time contribute to the satisfaction contained within this very special huge blunt.

Experience unparalleled satisfaction, freshness, and performance when you need a huge blunt for your next special event. To be the life of the party choose the brand connoisseur cannabis consumers blaze with. 

Enjoy the King Palm Limited Edition XXXL Large Blunt Cone to easily pack-up your favourite cannabis in a BIG way!

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