Is cannabis legal in Spain | Holidays | Tourists & Adventures

by Kieran Griffiths on March 20, 2024

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Is cannabis legal in Spain | Holidays | Tourists & Adventures ?

*Heading on holiday to Spain & looking to know the status of cannabis in Spain? Look no further! In this guide, we'll explore the fascinating world of Spanish cannabis laws and regulations, covering everything from cannabis clubs for locals & tourists to legal nuances and the future of legalization. Click on the links below to jump to the relevant sections.*

[1. Cannabis Clubs: The Inside Scoop]
[2. Cannabis Tourism: A Growing Trend]
[3. Legal Nuances: What You Need to Know]
[4. Looking Ahead: The Future of Cannabis Legalization]

Corn Husk Filter

1. Spanish Cannabis Clubs.
-The Inside Scoop-

In Spain, cannabis consumption is legal within private cannabis clubs. These clubs operate under specific regulations and are accessible to registered members only. Here's what you need to know: As a tourist the need to smoke cannabis while in other countries is insanely high! New food, new people, new smells. The first thing for many is a relaxing blunt. Thank fully Spanish coffee shops have you covered.  

2. Cannabis Tourism!

-A Growing Trend-

Spain's lenient cannabis laws have made it a growing popular destination for cannabis tourists from around the world. Amsterdam is basically the UK with overpriced food & coffee shops. Spain is quite the opposite... With beautiful sandy beaches stretching for miles, Bustling night life & restaurant's at every corner. Spain is heaven for cannabis smokers.


3. Legal Nuances | What You Need to Know

While cannabis consumption is legal within the confines of cannabis clubs, it's essential to understand the legal implications of possessing cannabis outside of these establishments: As with many Spanish laws, its about asking the people to have some public decency & respect for others. For example... Smoking cannabis in the high street by children will force an officer to deal with you, Where as smoking cannabis in a secluded castle / Hilltop, Completely away from children would be a completely different story.

4. Looking Ahead | The Future of Cannabis Legalization


As attitudes toward cannabis continue to evolve differently in each part of the globe, there is ongoing debate about the potential legalization of recreational use of cannabis in Spain: As a favourite spot for myself & partner to frequently visit, We hope to see it remain open to the public for many years to come.

Online Testimonials

- Kieran G | Chester UK -
"We love escaping the UK for a quick break in Spain. Barcelona offers a lot of fun times, exploring its streets and cannabis cafes in the sun is bliss. Tenerife however, is even better. With a hotter climate this beautiful little island has motorbikes to rent & the best cannabis clubs. Tenerife is perfect if you're looking for an adventure & cannabis holiday."

- Sally.F | London UK -
"As a woman who's travelled to Tenerife specifically for cannabis, I can confidently say it's a hidden gem. Compared to Amsterdam, Tenerife offers a more relaxed and enjoyable experience. The island's laid-back atmosphere, combined with its stunning scenery, creates the perfect setting for cannabis enthusiasts like myself. The cannabis cafes here provide a welcoming and inclusive environment, making it a memorable destination for anyone seeking a unique and fulfilling cannabis holiday.""

Staff Reviews : Contact us with your desired holiday destination, Our team will let you know whether either of them have visited themselves :)

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