The Best King Palm : Flavoured Filter Tips

by Ecommerce Giants on March 23, 2024

king palm blunt wraps, how to active the flavoured squeeze and pop filter tipsThe Ultimate Flavoured Filter Tips

King palm's pre-roll filters crafted from organically grown corn husk, providing an unparalleled smoking experience. These natural filter tips offer a smoother draw, elevating your session to new heights. Explore our range, including options infused with real fruit terpenes, transforming every puff into a flavourful delight. Rolling your own pre-roll or wrap becomes a therapeutic ritual with our corn husk filter tips, enhancing the enjoyment of your favourite herb.

Corn Husk Filter

Corn Husk : Magic Material

If you’re still using paper or glass filter tips, it’s time to move on. Why settle for paper or glass when you can upgrade to 100% organic corn husk filter tips? Experience superior durability and airflow with our tightly woven design. Unlike fragile alternatives, our filters withstand the rigors of rolling, ensuring a seamless experience. Plus, they're biodegradable, effortlessly disposable, and keep each session fresh without any lingering odours.

Sealed Packets | 2 Filter Tips

For those who crave an extra burst of flavour, our fruit terpene-infused filter tips offer a solution. Say goodbye to overpowering artificial tastes found in flavoured wraps. With a simple squeeze, release the essence of natural essential oils, enhancing the aroma and taste of your dry herb without compromising purity.

Why choose king palm's flavoured filter tips?

King Palm's corn husk filter tips are not only eco-friendly and biodegradable but also offer unmatched durability and flavour enhancement, providing a superior smoking experience over alternative brands. Just as Ben & Jerrys created the strongest flavours of ice cream, King Palm have done the same with flavoured filter tips, Discovering your favourite flavours, is all part of the fun with king palm.

Our Summary...

Online Testimonials

- Sarah D | Vancouver USA - "Switching to King Palm's fruit terpene-infused filter tips has completely transformed my smoking experience. The burst of natural flavour with every puff is truly delightful!"

- Michael P | Manchester UK - "I never knew filter tips could make such a difference until I tried King Palm's corn husk filters. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they also deliver a smoother and cleaner smoke, making every session more enjoyable"

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    The Products

    Many King Palm products are industry firsts. Their entire line of natural leaf rolls made waves when first put on the market due to their use of palm leaves and all-natural materials. Each one of these pre-rolled cones comes with an unprecedented cornhusk filter that customers quickly fell in love with, too. King Palm designs these unique filters to give you a smooth, uninterrupted airflow. Now, King Palm has managed to personalize the smoking experience in ways that have never been done before with the release of their flavoured tips. These innovative flavoured tips introduced the idea of putting added flavours into the joint filters of your wrap, not in the wrap itself. With these flavoured-filled tips, you simply squeeze and pop the filter to activate subtle sweet flavours for every puff.

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    Pack It Down

    Once your pre-rolled cone has a fair amount of weed, it’s time to pack it down!

    Many weed cones come with a packing stick, so the cannabis in your cone is tight and full, but you can also buy single bamboo packing sticks from King Palm. If you don’t have a packing stick, you can use a similar item that will fit into the joint cone, such as a toothpick or even the bottom of a pencil.

    by Kieran Griffiths on March 17, 2024
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